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Reunion Dinner Photo Gallery

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Here's all of the pictures I took Saturday Night. I will come back in the next day or two and add captions. In the meantime, take a guess on who is who. As you can see, we all had a great time. Hope to see those who couldn't make this reunion at the one planned tentatively for 2009.


Nice Cake

Toledo Ski Club Hall

Dinner is served

Ready & waiting

Friends start to gather

Time to catch up

Carmel (Pinciotti) Lucarelli & Paul Sullivan

More of the group

Amy (Docis) Hagele & Jim Forrester

Always time to chat

Jim Forrester with Dave & Denise Coyle

Jim & Bev Emmenecker

Debbie Canale & Jenny (Kurtz) Friend

Rob Hunter

Semia (Ward) Downs & spouse Ken

Roz (Gaffney) Szczublewski & Cathy (Gaffney) McNutt

Debbie Canale & Patti Robb

Debbie & Jenny

More catching up

Jim Allen & Jeff Walston

Debbie, Belinda & Rob

Paul, Ken & Semia

Eric Stallkamp

How's this thing work?

Dave Szczublewski

Art Martin, Bo Schimmel & Dave

Group Picture time

Let's get it together

Front Row

Amy, Carmel, Bonnie, Patti, Shirley, Gina, Jenny, Tammy, Debbie, Semia, Donna, Belinda & Teri

Back Row

Dave, Eric, Jeff, Jim, Terry, Paul, Rob, Chris, David, Mike, Jim & Jim

Chris Hohenberger

Debbie & Belinda

Mike Desmond, Jenny, Jim Forrester & Rob Hunter

Jim, Bev & Rob

Semia, Ken & Donna

Paul, Bonnie, Jeff & Terri

Terry, Amy & Jim

Jeff, Denise & Dave

Tammy, Steve & Carmel

Gina, Shirley & Bo

Patti, Jenny & Amy

Smoking Lounge


Jeff, Chris, Semia & Ken

It that really you?

Beautiful night to be out

Shirley & Bo


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