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Open House Photo Gallery

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We didn't quite get the turn-out we had hoped for at the Open House, but those that were able to attend were treated to a nice tour of the School by the new Principal.

Shirley Martin & Belinda Schmenk

Patti & Peggy Robb

Jim Allen & Jeff Walston

Shirley, Tammy Beard, Dave Coyle & spouse

Mr. Beard

Tammy, Patti & Donna Legree

Terri Robb & Jim Allen

Donna & Tammy

Patti & Jim

Gina Chadwick & Roz Szczublewski

Dave Coyle

The Cathedral Knights

Stanberry's "Famous" paddle?

Touring the Old Building - Second Floor

Coat Room

The Drinking Fountains are so small now

First Floor

Just another fountain


Third Floor


Shirley & Gina


Troop 39's Room

Still keeping busy

The Basement

The Basement

Sneaking out of the Boy's room

Paul Sullivan, Teri Giles & Spouse & Belinda

Terry, Shirley, Jeff & Paul

Shirley, Bonnie Trame & Patti

Hugh Rice


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